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6 Nations Girls Field Lacrosse

2019 Season and Practice Schedule

Just a reminder that we begin our practices outside this week! Times/days are below, please follow instruction from your coach for weekly changes if necessary. 

From this point forward if you need to miss a practice/game please notify your coach, I know some may have already set up communication with their team. 

U9- Wed 6-7pm                                     Contact:
U11- Tues & Thurs 6-730pm                 Contact:
U13- Tues & Thurs  6-730pm                Contact:
U19- Wed & Thurs 6-730pm                 Contact: 
Sr- Wed 730-9                                        Contact: 



Every game will need a time/score keeper from our parents/fans. The game WILL NOT begin until we have one and your team  could receive a delay of game call if no one is there in time so please do your part and volunteer at least once when you can. Coaches may have their own procedure to choose parents, if not please step up as our coaches are already organizing enough on their benches. 


Referees have been reminded internally that they do not deserve any verbal abuse while trying to give their best effort on the fields. With this in mind they do hold the power to remove any coach/parent/fan/player from the field if they are being disrespectful. If this is done a penalty is given to the team and the girls will suffer for your actions, please be respectful and trust that the coaches will speak to the refs if things are getting out of hand. Please do not hesitate to refresh yourself on the rules as there are new ones to be aware of so you are not yelling craziness out there!


SNGFL has large a pop-up tent for every team, some coaches may not mind transporting these each weekend but I know not every coach has a vehicle that allows for this. Therefore if anyone has a vehicle that is able, could you please let your coach know you can help with transporting the tent. These are very helpful on super hot days when the girls need every inch of shade they can get. 


We are expecting the schedule this week sometime, stay tuned!  Good luck and keep working hard everyone 🙂 


2019 Lacrosse Registration

Link to register:


Coaches/Teams for 2019

U8- Brittany Johnson

U11- Katie Smith

U13- Shelby Martin, John MacDonald

U19- Farrah Longboat-Perkin & Husband

Sr- Tawnie Johnson and Taylor Johnson


~We are still looking for anyone who is willing to help at any capacity to come forward, all help is encouraged!!


If you have First Aid/CPR and would be willing to register as a trainer for a team, let us know, we would like a couple per team so we are always covered


Managers for the teams would be helpful as well, help fill out game sheets, hand out info to parents etc

Board Positions-

President- Tawnie Johnson

Vice President- Tia Schindler

Registrar- Tracy Johnson

Treasurer- Karen Bomberry

Fundraising- Jane Henhawk

Secretary- Jen MacDonald

Social Media- Sarah Bomberry

2018 - U11 “C” Gold Medal 🥇 Champs!!!

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